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Most visited Pages of Ongoing and Upcoming ICOs

We offer for you the list of TOP 21 most popular pages of Ongoing and Upcoming ICO Projects, published by ICOLINK Community Members:

ICO GFC e-auction image in the ICO list
GFC e-auction (Greek Food Corridors): The spot market and price Index/mechanism. The aim of the project is to achieve the automation of the Agri...
ICO CINEMATIX image in the ICO list


Events & Entertainment
Cinematix is the world’s first platform for mass-producing ICOs for movies, which will allow the filmmakers to obtain funding in just two clicks.
ICO EPIK TOKEN image in the ICO list


Trading & Investing
The Epik utility token will be utilized within the BLMP platform, allowing for the creation, distribution and sale of branded collectibles, aka ...
ICO Humanscape image in the ICO list


Humanscape is working to establish its namesake platform Humanscape, a decentralized patient network based on blockchains. Humanscape can provide prac
ICO Petchains image in the ICO list


Petchains is dedicated to a global panpet market information management system and the trading platform. The solution is developed on the modern ...
ICO IRIS image in the ICO list


Iris blockchain network is a decentralized electronic healthcare record (Iris EHR) system. Using public key cryptography, a time-stamped, unalterable
ICO ASGARD ECO FUND (IEO) image in the ICO list
Trading & Investing
ASGARD ECO FUND is a decentralized crypto ecological fund that provides funding for specific environmental tasks. ASGARD ECO FUND is based on ...
ICO BITPARADISE image in the ICO list
Gambling & Betting
BITPARADISE (BPD) is a new, innovative form of cryptographic exchange station based on game meta. the Exchange transactions revenue utilized 100% ...
ICO WINBIX image in the ICO list


Commerce & Advertising
WINBIX marketplace aims to create a new channel for sales, allowing participants to sell goods at the demand prices at any time. The system uses ...
ICO SonginChain image in the ICO list
SonginChain is a high-performance open commercial blockchain based in songin consensus and referendum. Based on the deep understanding of blockchain
ICO KINESIS image in the ICO list


Kinesis introduces yield-bearing digital currencies based 1:1 on allocated physical gold (KAU currency) and silver (KAG currency). The Kinesis ...
ICO ELAD Network image in the ICO list

ELAD Network

Real Estate
ELAD Network is an online Real Estate platform that acts as a portal for property exchange and ownership through fractional ownership and direct peer
ICO tap image in the ICO list


Tap is sparking a revolution in banking. Your Tap card lets you use Crypto for your everyday spending habits. You can withdraw cash from ATMs and ...
ICO Warrior Comics image in the ICO list
Events & Entertainment
Warrior Comics is a decentralized blockchain based platform in the comics and animation industry. Platform will be classified in two categories under
ICO BitBattle (IEO) image in the ICO list
Trading & Investing
BITBATTLE is a P2P contest service platform where users can setup their own Contest (called Battle room). Instruments in each room: chart M1 of BTCUSD
ICO AMANPURI image in the ICO list


Trading & Investing
AMANPURI Exchange ecosystem is a system that offers spot transactions and up to 100x leverage transaction system and complete security with a focus
ICO ATRONOCOM image in the ICO list


ATRONOCOM is currently conducting an investor SAFT - crowdsale to support the launch of the platform and accelerate development of its decentralized
ICO REME-Coin image in the ICO list


REME-Coins give access to the billions big companies make by selling collected user data REME-Coins give access to the billions big companies make...
ICO FaustFlick (STO) image in the ICO list
Events & Entertainment
FaustFlick is a latin character study drama-suspense-comedy film, with at least one A-List latin talent as main cast, to be produced in Argentina ...
ICO CRYPTOSOUK image in the ICO list


Trading & Investing
CryptoSouk has launched a cryptocurrency trading platform from ST Vincent & the Grenadines and Kuwait. The exchange shall be launched at the ...
ICO Red Pill image in the ICO list

Red Pill

Red Pill is a currency designed to enrich online communities. Red Pill can be used for many different purposes. Communities can, for example, use Red
Most-Popular-Pages-of-Ongoing-and-Upcoming-ICO-Projects Most Popular Pages of Ongoing and Upcoming ICO Projects

Here you can see the list of most popular Pages of the actual ICOs, published by Community Members 

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