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4.43 (3 ICO reviews)
ICO DescriptionServAdvisor is a worldwide first decentralized services recommendation platform based on unique customer specific preferences. ServAdvisor utilizes...
ICO Website : link
ICO Whitepaper : link
UCOIN Currency - ICO
4.93 (3 ICO reviews)
ICO DescriptionUCOIN is an asset-supported cryptocurrency combining blockchain technology with a multiple range of physical asset investments. UCOIN will enable ...
ICO Website : link
ICO Whitepaper : link
CustomCoin Platform - ICO
4.21 (2 ICO reviews)
ICO DescriptionThe CustomCoin platform is aimed at people who are ready to start their own business, but do not have significant investment resources.
ICO Website : link
ICO Whitepaper : link
GoneTrippin - ICO
4.06 (4 ICO reviews)
ICO DescriptionGoneTrippin’s revolutionary platform and ecosystem have been created to make every trip an adventure™. The ecosystem is comprised of an intricate ...
ICO Website : link
ICO Whitepaper : link
Power corp - ICO
3.83 (2 ICO reviews)
ICO DescriptionPower corp platform is built on both mining assets powered by renewable energy sources as well as hard assets such as ore, intellectual property ...
ICO Website : link
ICO Whitepaper : link
Coalichain - ICO
4.93 (2 ICO reviews)
ICO DescriptionCoalichain is the first decentralized political platform built on blockchain, connecting citizens with their leaders and governments. First democratic
ICO Website : link
ICO Whitepaper : link