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4.46 (9 ICO reviews)


MYbDAIRY Smart Farms is a physical project pledging to empower the world with the nutrient-rich food produced and supplied on advanced principles ...
Website: link
Whitepaper: link
Offering Type: IEO
4.86 (8 ICO reviews)
The Amazonians Green Coin (AMACOIN) is a payment token to purchase products & services offered by eco-friendly brands (B2C), and buy environmental
Website: link
Whitepaper: link
Offering Type: IEO
ICO Start: 2020-02-01
ICO End: 2020-04-30
5.00 (1 ICO reviews)
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0.00 (0 ICO reviews)
The Decentralised Art Gallery. The first open blockchain platform that democratises access to Fine Art. Artworks remain in custody of trusted
Website: link
Whitepaper: link
ICO Start: 2017-09-07
ICO End: 2017-10-07
3.71 (1 ICO reviews)
We envision a new music ecosystem; a blockchain-based platform that creates an artist-centric standard, where integrity, transparency, respect of righ
Website: link
Whitepaper: link
ICO Start: 2017-07-30
ICO End: 2018-03-28
5.00 (1 ICO reviews)
With the ARTEX project, we will make an artistic catalog where original paintings and photos worth up to $ 5000 (70% of the market is comprised of pie
Website: link
Whitepaper: link
ICO Start: 2017-12-05
ICO End: 2017-12-24
4.89 (1 ICO reviews)
Description VectorZilla - the first ever blockchain based AI driven royalty-free stock graphics platform & marketplace! About us We are one
Website: link
Whitepaper: link
ICO Start: 2018-08-01
ICO End: 2018-09-30
4.50 (2 ICO reviews)
Whitestone gallery handles from modern master paintings to contemporary arts since its establishment in 1967. As a pioneer in galleries in Japan, it t
Website: link
Whitepaper: link
ICO Start: 2018-01-25
ICO End: 2018-04-03
4.56 (2 ICO reviews)
Welcome to concertVR! The first blockchain based cross-platform marketplace for high-quality VR content from the music and entertainment sector.
Website: link
Whitepaper: link
ICO Start: 2018-04-15
ICO End: 2018-12-31