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Launch of the Telegram Open Network is possible in March

Launch-of-the-Telegram-Open-Network-is-possible-in-March Pavel Durov | Head of Telegram

Yesterday, the network did not receive officially confirmed information that was allegedly provided by one of the investors in the Telegram Open Network project (TON). Sources claim that the submitted document contains actual data on the readiness of the project.

At the very beginning of the document, the approximate start-up period for the finished network TON is indicated - March of the current year. Previously it was assumed that the launch will take place at the end of January, however, expectations did not materialize due to the fact that "the company took more time to create additional algorithms."

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ICO Telegram fake sites try to deceive potential investors


Taking advantage of the fact of a whole flurry of information about the potentially multi-billion dollar ICO of the popular Telegram messenger, a fake website has appeared that tried to attract potential investors. The site (https://telegramfoundation.org/), which is allegedly organized by the Telegram Foundation, offered to invest funds for what it called a "public ICO" of the Telegram (TON). However, it is known that the real TON pre-sale was mostly held behind closed doors, and the only public information related to the proposal in Form D, which was filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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Telegram allows for the possibility of refusing a public ICO


Telegram Open Network may refuse to hold a public ICO. The company is ready to conduct a closed sale of tokens among a small number of investors and attracted the "iTechCapital" and "Da Vinci Capital" funds for their search. The public ICO (initial coin offering - the initial placement of coins of cryptocurrency or tokens that give their owners certain rights) of the project of the Telegram Open Network (TON) by Pavel Durov, which was expected in March, may not take place. The company is ready to confine itself to two closed investment rounds among qualified investors, and to allocate a part of the tokens to the development team of TON. This follows from two presentations for potential investors. These are materials in which on behalf of venture funds "iTechCapital" and "Da Vinci Capital" investors are invited to participate in the ongoing second round of the closed sale of TON tokens. Three investors confirmed their authenticity.

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Telegram will hold the second closed round of TON tokens pre-sale


Telegram sent invitations to investors for the second round of a closed pre-sale of TON tokens. Despite the fact that the exact amount is not disclosed, according to some information this time the campaign organizers expect to collect an amount that is not inferior to the amount collected at the first stage of the placement, namely 850 million dollars. As a result, even before the start of public sales, which was planned on March, Telegram can attract $ 1.7 billion of investments for the implementation of its project - the Telegram Open Network (TON) platform.

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Pre-ICO Telegram filed applications for $ 3.8 billion


According to information from indirect sources, the acceptance of applications for participation in the preliminary primary location of the tokens of the TON blockchain-platform has been completed, with an amount exceeding the fees of all ICOs during 2017. The team of Telegram and the founder of the company Pavev Durov still remain silent, however, without denying the very fact of preparing for the ICO and the reliability of information in the media.

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Cryptocurrency TON from Telegram: still only rumors


Rumors about the launch of the Pavel Durov's company the cryptocurrency based on the Telegram messenger began to appear in early December. On December 21, a message appeared on Facebook of Anton Rosenberg, a former employee of Vkontakte and Telegram that the messenger team plans to start an ICO project called TON (Telegram Open Network) and release its own cryptocurrency Gram, which will be built into the messenger. At the same time, there was an ad on YouTube, though it did not reveal any specific details.

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Pavel Durov prepares the launch of the cryptocurrency Gram


The creator of VKontakte and Telegram Pavel Durov is preparing to release his own cryptocurrency under the name Gram, said a former employee of VKontakte and subordinate Durov Anton Rosenberg. He believes that in this way Durov will begin to monetize the messenger "Telegram" and provide Asian countries with a digital payment system.The new project will be called TON (Telegram Open Network) - there is already the first promo in the style of "Star Wars". The platform will be integrated with many of the most popular messaging applications (not yet determined which ones). TON will use the so-called "light wallets", and its currency is called Gram.

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