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Brian Armstrong: "To adopt cryptocurrencies, we must reduce their volatility"

Brian-Armstrong-adopt-cryptocurrencies-reduce-volatility Brian Armstrong | Head of Coinbase

The head of the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange, Brian Armstrong, believes that in order to take digital assets, it is necessary to reduce volatility, as well as to improve the scalability and use of coins.

According to Brian Armstrong, the strong volatility of the cryptocurrency market scares off large investors, who are used to investing in traditional financial institutions, so the industry needs more stable prices.

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DataLight research: “Bitcoin will become the main payment system in 10 years”

DataLigh-Bitcoin-will-become-the-main-payment-system DataLight research: “Bitcoin will become the main payment system in 10 years”

Bitcoin will be ahead of other payment systems, such as Visa and MasterCard, within ten years, if the growth of the network continues at the same pace.

DataLight made such a forecast in a research comparing Bitcoin with traditional payment systems, which also included PayPal, noting the rapid development of cryptocurrency since its inception in 2009.

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Luc Nosek: “the initial mission of PayPal was to create a global currency …”

Luc-Nosek-the-initial-mission-of-PayPal-was-to-create-a-global-currency Luc Nosek | PayPal co-founder

PayPal co-founder Luke Nosek during his speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos said that the project team initially planned to create a digital currency that would have technological advantages similar to cryptocurrencies, namely independence from banks and the government.

Answering a question about whether PayPal and WeChat Pay solved a problem related to online transactions, or perhaps cryptocurrency can deal with it, Nosek said:

"Many people don't know this, but the initial mission of PayPal was to create a global currency that was independent of interference by these, you know, corrupt cartels of banks and governments that were debasing their currencies. "

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Coinbase Commerce - something like PayPal for Bitcoin


The Coinbase platform has launched the Coinbase Commerce service, which aims to help online shops accept payments in the four leading cryptocurrencies. As noted in the company, Coinbase Commerce ensures the receipt of payments in cryptocurrencies, controlling, verifying and confirming the transactions of customers in each unit.

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