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Google Ads blocked advertisements with the word "Ethereum"

Google-Ads-blocked-advertisements-with-the-word-Ethereum Google Ads blocked advertisements with the word Ethereum

Serbian startup accelerator Decenter reported that the Google Ads contextual advertising service blocked all advertisements containing the word "Ethereum".

Such blocking began on January 8, 2019. According to Decenter, only ads with the word "Ethereum" got under the blocking; all other words from the field of cryptocurrencies, including "Bitcoin", "ICO" and "EOS", were not blocked. At the same time, an advertisement with the word "Ethereum" is blocked with the wording "This advertiser has not been approved to place an advertisement in your location."

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Research: 14% of young Japanese invest in cryptocurrencies


According to a survey conducted by the Japanese online publication Shin R25, whose main readers are young people, 14% of Japanese young people between the ages of 20 and 25 own digital assets. The research was conducted from January to March of this year. More than 25% of the respondents said that this was their first investment experience, 92% said they invested their free funds in digital assets. Interest in the cryptocurrencies 37.4% of respondents explained that it is fashionable, and 19.9% ​​paid attention to cryptocurrency due to their popularity in the media.

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Coincheck Exchange hacked, NEMs stolen for $530 million


As the Japanese source MineCC reports, the management of the crypto exchange Coincheck officially announced the breaking and stealing of NEM tokens for $532 million. While it remains unclear, whether other cryptocurrencies were stolen. NEM developers and the community of open source developers have confirmed that there will not be a hardfire for the restoration of lost funds. NEM Foundation President Lon Wong said that there should be no complaints against NEM, and laid overall responsibility for the incident at Coincheck.

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The largest bank of Japan starts issuing its cryptocurrency


Japanese financial group Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) is launching a program to open a new exchange and issue its own virtual currency MUFG coin. Controlling the exchanges, MUFG plans to restrain the price fluctuations of the MUFG Coin cryptocurrency, so that it can be used consistently for calculations. Thanks to a centralized distribution, MUFG coin will be directly controlled by the bank. Additionally, the bank will be able to control the coin value, which will be about 1 yen. Users will be able to use coins with the help of smartphones to pay for goods and services.

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Is the ICO ban possible in Japan?


Japan is a powerful platform in the market of crypto-currencies, where about 63% of the world market of bitcoins is traded. However, the ban on the initial sale of coins (ICO) by some Asian countries causes investors to worry about the fact that Japan can also direct efforts in this direction. ICO is a new, radical form of monetary financing. Companies raise funds in the form of a crypto currency by selling cryptographic tokens to investors. Currently, ICO is an innovative method for many companies, since it allows investors to more effectively use new technologies, in contrast to traditional shares.

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Chinese ICO move to the Japanese market


The largest in Japan bitcoin-exchange Coincheck received "hundreds of requests" from Chinese startups to add to the listing their tokens after the ban of ICO in China. In an interview with the Chinese edition of the Global Times, the head of the Coincheck department for international development, Kagayaki Kawabata, said: "We receive hundreds of requests from Chinese start-ups and start-ups around the world to add their tokens after the Chinese government banned the ICO".

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