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TOP-5 ICO before the end of 2017 with bonuses


Consider the TOP-5 ICOs at the end of 2017, where they give bonuses for registration and easy actions. So you can earn up to $ 100 from investments with a Сryptocurrency. 

  1. WCX - $ 5

  2. Universa - $ 5

  3. OpenMoney - $ 130

  4. Pecunio - $ 30

  5. Coinpennant - $ 5

1. WCX - 5 $


WCX is the future exchange of crypto-currencies, which wants to compete with Poloniex, BitFinex, EXMO and other leaders of this segment. Where for the registration give 50 WCX - $ 5.

They have plans:

  • Reduce transaction commission by 10 times (to 0.01%);
  • Assign anonymity to the customer's office;
  • Keep client money on cold wallets;
  • Work with a million traders around the world.

If you recall YoBit, which made its own crypto currency, then WCX can easily outdo the result due to a low start. And it will bring much more money to the first investors.

WCX conduct basic ICO only on October 31. Anyone who buys this token will receive 20% of their income each month. That is, having invested $ 1000, you can count on a passive income of $ 60 per month.

If you have just started studying bitcoins and altcoyins, then be sure to check the rating of the best stock exchanges in Crypto-currency 2017 to avoid cheating!

2. Universa - $ 5


Universa is a Russian team that wants to make a fast blockchain network with instant transactions and with a smart contracts module, like in the Etherium.

At the same time they will release convenient mobile applications that will have a high degree of protection and at the same time are understandable for everyone, as they once wanted to do in Zcash.

For registration, 50 tokens are given per account, and given the fact that they want to collect $ 100 million, I can say for sure that they will be able to achieve a price of $ 0.1 by the end of 2017!

3. OpenMoney - $ 130


OpenMoney is a platform for advertising, where application developers lay out their projects, and advertisers their prices. At the same time, payment takes place with a low commission, where everyone will benefit!

Here, 1 coin is given for registration, but if you complete all tasks that take 2-3 minutes, like in a video, you can collect up to 861 coins and then you will be given 500 more top after the ICO.

The most important thing is that they will only issue 100 million coins, and therefore their price will be in the range of 0.01-1 $, which means there is a chance to raise from 130 to 1300 $ on this project.

4. Pecunio - $ 30


Pecunio is a crypto-currency bank, where in the future anyone can exchange their Bitcoins, Ethereum and other crypto-currencies for dollars, euros and other currencies.

For registration on the site give 20 coins, which can be equated to $ 30. I take it as a regular exchanger, where there will be high interest rates, but there is a chance to earn. And it's a sin to miss it.

5. Coinpennant - $ 5 


Coinpennant - a social network for traders, which will help to guess the movement of the currency pairs and the currency. ICO starts on November 17, 2017 and now you can get 50 tokens ($ 5 according to their plans) for registration.

Now ICOs in the trend and growing rapidly in price, so I would not be surprised if their price next year will grow 100 times. But We do not recommend investing in such controversial projects!