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Seven simple tips how not to become a victim of ICO-scammers


Despite the increase in the number of scammers, seven simple tips will avoid losing funds when investing in new projects. This information will help you quickly assess the potential prospects of IСO in terms of investment safety and significantly reduce your time spent on analysis. We do not rule out the possibility of the appearance in our listing of projects aimed at collecting funds only. Therefore, all our ratings are estimates of community members and show just recommendations to the authors of IСO.

ICOLINK.COM does not sell ratings and does not involve outside experts. Due to this, we suggest that you independently evaluate the financial prospects of an IСO. In our opinion, it is the best way to avoid fraud.

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"Link Your ICO to Success!"

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How to Submit and EDIT the ICO on ICOLINK.COM ICO LIST


For the FREE ICO Submission you have to be a Member of ICOLINK.COM Community. Just fill the Submission Form...

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How to create an Account


Being a Member of ICOLINK.COM Community you will have rights for FREE ICO Submission, creating groups and events, adding videos and comments, vouting and discussing...

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How to Edit Community Profile on ICOLINK.COM


When you have registered the Community Account on ICOLINK.COM, it is easy to edit the basic information, avatar and cover page...

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How to identify a new promising cryptocurrency


If you were lucky enough to buy Bitcoins at the very beginning of their history, most likely, now you are leading a comfortable life. No investment in the world has brought as much revenue as Bitcoin has brought over the last few years, and people who believe in the approach of crypto-revolution have become multimillionaires. This incredible success has led to the fact that recently many investors are trying to find the next cryptocurrency, with which in just a few years (or months) they will be able to increase their income by thousands of percent. Many managed to do this at the beginning of the ICO boom, when many tokens unexpectedly grew in price tens of times. However, unlike Bitcoin, most of them just as quickly and unexpectedly collapsed. So what do you need to consider in order finding the next Bitcoin?

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How to buy Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies


You probably already heard about the fantastic growth of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. Golden times have come! Year ago, some people bought Bitcoins for $ 730 apiece and everyone looked at them like a maniacs, predicting a collapse in the near future. Now, everyone could register profits and go out for more than $7500! Not a bad growth for one year, right? Bitcoin has grown in price almost ten times! No one bank in the world would give such a deposit interest. Will not discuss what happened during last 10 years when Bitcoin rate raised from 0.01 US$ and everyone who have spent just 5.00 US$, now became a millionaire.

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7 Important Trends for the Cryptocurrency Business


Over the past few years, the online payment environment has integrated a significant number of new features. Payments are now very simple - you just need to enter information in a simple form, click on the button and confirm the payment. Nevertheless, making any payment tie us to a bank account. Thus, the government monitors most of the money that we earn, store or spend. "Big people" came up with a huge number of different taxes and "rules" for us. Unfortunately, the existing financial system is often disadvantageous for consumers. Why? Because very often it takes more than it gives.

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TOP-5 ICO before the end of 2017 with bonuses


Consider the TOP-5 ICOs at the end of 2017, where they give bonuses for registration and easy actions. So you can earn up to $ 100 from investments with a Сryptocurrency. 

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