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The trade in cryptocurrency grows every day, and as a result, the list of global stock exchanges needs regular updates with new trading platforms for the main cryptocurrencies and numerous altcoins.

A cryptocurrency exchange is an online resource that allows you to buy / sell electronic money online.

Today, there are more than 300 decentralized exchanges, but if we compare prices for the same currency pair on different exchanges, it is easy to single out the best among them, which allow users to make the most profitable use of the difference in rates and earn on it.

This so-called cryptocurrency arbitrage is a simple and fast way to make money on cryptocurrencies. 

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Trace Mayer’s “Proof of Keys” plan is gaining popularity

ICO-BLOG-Proof-of-Keys-plan-is-gaining-popularity “Proof of Keys” plan is gaining popularity

The campaign of the cryptocurrency investor and entrepreneur Trace Mayer, who proposed to withdraw Bitcoins from third-party wallets to private ones, is gaining popularity.

Over the past week, hundreds of its supporters, including such well-known figures like Nick Szabo, one of the pioneers of the blockchain and smart contracts, made corresponding entries on Twitter to support the campaign, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin.

Mayer calls on cryptocurrency owners to control their private keys again.

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Binance again #1 in the ranking of cryptocurrency exchanges


Analytical agency Tokeninsight presented an updated quarterly rating, which previously ranked the seven largest cryptocurrency exchanges. This time, the list included seven more platforms, which were evaluated on such indicators as trade volume, security, and compliance with laws.

Ratings of cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as ratings of cryptocurrency, are very subjective and invariably provoke disputes in the cryptocurrency community. However, they continue to gain popularity. The latest report from Tokeninsight reviews the progress of cryptocurrency exchanges over the past three months in difficult market conditions.

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How an ICO can skyrocket your small biz


Initial Coin Offerings have been gaining momentum in the business world in recent years. Small businesses continue to adopt this new technology, and you would not want your company left behind.

The introduction of the Initial Coin Offerings as a means of capital raising was one of the most crucial aspects of cryptocurrencies in 2017. It not only made it easier to raise capital but also helped businesses adopt this method of payment.

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The decentralized Binance Exchange was registered in Switzerland, owned by the Shanghai-based company Beiji Technology, managed by a team of professionals with solid experience on cryptocurrency technologies on Wall Street. The company is headed by Changpeng Zhao, who previously headed the Blockchain development department, and also co-founded and technical director of OKCoin.

The name cryptocurrency exchange Binance received as a result of the intersection of two English words: binary (binary, double) and finance (finance).

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CryptoEvent RIW Global Conference will sum up the year in the blockchain

RELEASE-MOSCOW-RIW-Global-Conference CryptoEvent RIW conference | Moscow, Russia

A global blockchain event, the CryptoEvent RIW conference, will take place in Moscow. The event will be held during the 21-23rd of November within the framework of Russian Internet Week; all areas of the blockchain's application from Fin Tech and AI to medicine, art and cinema will be discussed there. The largest exhibition venue in Russia, VDNH, was chosen as the venue.

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The Fourth Edition Of Block Hedge Business 2018 At Zurich Is Set To Create Ripples In The Blockchain World


After putting together a series of successful blockchain conferences in the eastern part of the globe, Block Hedge is all set to unite leading stakeholders in the crypto sphere of the western world at Zurich in Switzerland.
Switzerland, as we know is one of the most prominent blockchain and cryptocurrency centers on account of its favorable business environment, regulations and tax rates. It is home to few of the most prominent crypto powerhouses, which is why it has been attracting the sizeable attention of all those involved in the field.

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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland: Crypto Event in the Fintech Capital of Europe

1024-512 Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference | Switzerland

On October 9, 2018, the international company Smile-Expo will host the second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland – large event about DLT and cryptocurrencies. The conference will unite top professionals from the DLT sphere, as well as investors, developers and market analysts.

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Legislation, oil business, blockchain analytics discussed at Blockchain Conference Moscow


The sale of tickets to the Russian largest conference on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and token investments is open! Blockchain Conference Moscow will take place on November 20 bringing together leading local and foreign industry experts.

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Digital politics, blockchain and cryptocurrencies: second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus in Minsk

Blockchain-Bitcoin-Conference-Belarus Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference | Belarus

October 10 in Minsk will be Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus - an event dedicated to the blockchain and crypto-currencies. It will unite on one-site authoritative industry experts, blockchain enthusiasts, start-ups and entrepreneurs. The event is held for the second time. Over 400 people attended the first conference, and the speakers were experts from five countries. 

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