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ICO «Global Risk Exchange»

⭐ Infrastructure

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May 11, 2018 ● AMP Version link

Community Member:

Alpago Turan

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ICO Description

Global Risk Exchange (or "GRE") is a blockchain based, decentralized global risk exchange market, with the purpose of helping individuals, companies and organizations to hedge, trasfer and trade their risks.

GRE completely reconstructed traditional risk management tools(insurance and derivative contracts) in a decentralized way, and will become the underlying operation system to support insurance and derivative industry in the era of blockchain. 

GRE  democratize  the  creation  of  risk  management  tools  using  blockchain based  smart  contract,  enabling  any  individuals  and  institutions  who  has  risk management  needs  to  create,  trade  and  shift  risks  to  others  who  are  wiling  to  take  on those  risks. 

It’s  a  platform  where  risk  management  policies  and  transactions  are  driven by  real  demands,  where  individualized  and  fragmented  risk  coverages  are  made  possible, and  insurance  protections  are  made  agile.

GRE  leverages  a  blockchain  based  decentralized  exchange  to  help participants  in  the  risk  management  contract,  insurant(party  who  pay  for  premium  and sel  his  risks),  insurer(party  who  receive  premium  and  take  on  other  party's  risks)  and contract  designer(who  measures  individual  risks  and  design  the  contract),  transact  and profit  from  their  own  information  and  understanding  of  risks.  The  market  price  of  the risk  contract  represents  the  market  consensus  and  the  wisdom  of  the  crowd,  which  is the  best  measurement  of  the  risk  at  the  moment.

GRE  enables  a  much  larger  base  of  insurance  capacity  providers  other  than traditional  insurance  companies  and  reinsurance  companies,  which  are  centralized, tightly  regulated  and  capital  intensive.  Those  new  capacity  providers  can  bring  more liquidity  and  information  to  GRE  platform  and  can  profit  from  GRE  by  taking  on  various kinds  of  risks  they  understand,  while  making  the  whole  risk  exchange  market  more efficient  by  bring  bringing  down  entry  barrier  for  both  insurant  and  insurer,  maximizing liquidity  and  information  flow.

GRE  aims  to  build  the  infrastucture  and  trading  platform  for  risk  management  industry in  the  blockchain  driven  world  in  the  near  future,  by  providing  a  fundamental  protocol for  the  creation  of  risk  events,  pricing,  trading,  information  co lection  and  verdict.  It  wil enable  individuals  and  institutions  around  the  globe  to  achieve  risk  and  return equilibrium.

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ICO Details

ICO «Global Risk Exchange» ICO Start: May 20, 2018

ICO «Global Risk Exchange» ICO Finish: June 18, 2018

ICO «Global Risk Exchange» Symbol: RISK

ICO «Global Risk Exchange» Platform: Ethereum

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