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Block Live Asia 2019
Jan 19

Block Live Asia 2019

19-20 January 2019, Singapore


19-20 January 2019, Singapore

  • Part conference, part experiential festival, BLOCK LIVE ASIA is taking the tired conference world by storm, letting you attend industry conference, learn about blockchain, interact with creative installations and take insta-worthy photos all in one space.


    Co-organised by Grounded, a leading blockchain strategy & marketing agency, and First Wave Agency, an experienced conference and event management agency, we’re putting our best feet forward together in creating this unique experience. Together with our partners, sponsors, exhibitors, and most importantly YOU our attendee, we want to bring blockchain technology to the masses.


    No one ever grew up with a passion for blockchain technology, and the market today doesn’t provide the right support for anyone hoping to get into it. Online 101 guides are often still too complex, and the jump from that to reading news articles and thought pieces is huge. We wanted to address that gap, and make it easier for everyone to get into the blockchain space.


    We’re breaking down all things blockchain and cryptocurrency and answering the most important questions – who started this ruckus? What even is it? When can you use them? Where can you find out more? How do you even get involved in this technology and space? Enter a whole new world where Blockchain is king and tokens reign supreme.


    Join our event-wide airdrop and you’ll leave Block Live Asia with a PROFIT!

    What is an Airdrop?

    An airdrop is the transfer of tokens from a project to a user, as a reward for their support of the project. This support can be shown through “bounties” i.e. simple social activities such as: downloading the app, liking a Facebook page, following their Instagram, joining their Telegram group.

    How to join the Airdrop?

    You’re going to need a hardware wallet to take part. Pre-purchase exclusive Block Live Asia Tangem cards here and receive X MGX tokens preloaded (worth X USD!!). These cards can then be collected from the main entrance at Booth #1.

    Got the card. Now what?

    Spend the day talking to the projects on our floor, interacting with their products directly, and perform all the bounty actions to receive your tokens from them! It’s that easy!

    Watch Projects Fight it Out

    Will you be Team Judges or Team Project? Come to The Colosseum and watch 12 projects pitch for their lives against our panel of investors, and pick whose side you’re on. The projects’ business model and tokenomics will be put to the test, and the best-rated project will win exclusive project coverage across our various marketing channels.

    Satoshi Nakamoto 

    The man, the marvel, the mystery – who in the world is Satoshi Nakamoto? Wait, is he even a man or a woman? Come learn about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency through our interactive mystery tunnel, and leave us with your best guess of who Satoshi is #whoissatoshi The best guesses stand a chance to win a prize!

    Link: Block Live Asia 2019

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  • Date & Time
    Jan 19 2019 at 10:00 - Jan 20 2019 at 18:00
  • Location & full address
    10 Bayfront Ave, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018956
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