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CryptoBlockCon Las Vegas
Dec 11

CryptoBlockCon Las Vegas

CryptoBlockCon convenes hundreds of cryptocurrency and blockchain industry participants to discuss...


CryptoBlockCon convenes hundreds of cryptocurrency and blockchain industry participants to discuss...

  • What is CryptoBlockCon?

    CryptoBlockCon convenes hundreds of cryptocurrency and blockchain industry participants to discuss the future benefits & possibilities of blockchain technology & crypto assets. CryptoBlockCon’s traveling events showcase companies who are using blockchain to improve industries with increased efficiency, security and transparency, educate current and future industry participants on blockchain technology, and ultimately serve as a platform to connect industry participants to assist in the adoption and implementation of blockchain technology.

    Who is CryptoBlockCon?

    The CryptoBlockCon team is a tight knit group of event professionals with close to 20 years experience producing executive-level, leadership-oriented programs in emerging and highly fragmented industries. The CBC team is passionate about the blockchain industry, the future for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and what the future can (and will) look like with decentralization, tokenization, and digital currency.

    We believe that consistent collaboration and communication between key stakeholders is critical to the advancement and expansion of blockchain technology. CryptoBlockCon connects investors, developers, thought leaders and regulatory agencies in order to facilitate actionable dialogue and foster a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem. In support of that mission, we sponsor an ongoing effort to share information and build confidence in blockchain technology & crypto assets to accelerate the network effect of blockchain adoption.

    Why CryptoBlockCon?

    It’s no surprise there are more blockchain conferences, summits, meetups, workshops, expos, and events than anyone can attend.

    The CryptoBlockCon team is in a unique position to leverage decades of event experience and relationships to curate and organize informative, impactful, and educational blockchain focused programs, providing attendees with the necessary insights and tangible relationships to move forward in the fragmented and quickly changing blockchain industry

    The CryptoBlockCon team is dedicated to helping the industry, and serve as a hub for blockchain professionals who are seeking information, relationships, exposure, and more.

    What Can I Expect from CryptoBlockCon?

    –Hear from top speakers and experts on blockchain technologies and crypto assets

    –Network with top investors, advisors, founders, and blockchain industry thought leaders

    –Learn actionable insights and how to leverage blockchain technology in your business

    –Meet startups using blockchain to innovate and disrupt some of the largest industries

    Link: CryptoBlockCon Las Vegas

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  • Date & Time
    Dec 11 2018 at 08:30 - Dec 12 2018 at 18:30
  • Location & full address
    Mandalay Bay 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119
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