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CryptoConf Lisbon
Nov 04

CryptoConf Lisbon

4-8 November Lisbon, Portugal


4-8 November Lisbon, Portugal

  • Bitcoin, blockchain, digital cash and the volatile cryptocurrency market have dominated headlines. What are investors betting on? What does the future hold for ledger technology?

    Join some of the world’s most impressive developers, investors, startups and cryptocurrency enthusiasts at CryptoConf.

    What’s happening?


    A battle is raging as cryptocurrencies race to become viable alternatives to traditional, government-issued fiat currency. As the mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrencies accelerates, will Bitcoin’s dominance continue?


    Does blockchain technology have the potential to be as central to driving economic and social change as the internet has been over the past 25 years? We will examine how the future of blockchain means more than just cryptocurrencies.


    A new dawn in innovation in the traditional venture-funding model, or a dearth of unregulated securities allowing founders to raise unjustified amounts of capital? It’s difficult to separate the scams from the future unicorns in this world. Join us as we explore the next frontier of funding.


    Decentralised exchanges outstrip their centralised competitors on privacy, security and resistance to government interference. Why then are they not the status quo? Discover the future of investing at CryptoConf.

    Link: CryptoConf Lisbon

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  • Date & Time
    Nov 04 2019 at 08:45 - Nov 08 2019 at 19:00
  • Location & full address
    Rossio dos Olivais 2.13.01, 1990-221 Lisbon, Portugal
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