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ICO "Careonchain"

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"Careonchain" ICO Description

Careonchain will enable the development of the Hybrid Car Technology: aboldand disruptive vision for Developing Hybrid Carst hat will  enable us to make use of the renewable energy resources and help in the reduction of pollution.

By connecting all participants in the network with asset of transparent rules, we can level the playing field, reduce reliance on intermediaries, and increase functionality, recording trades on the blockchain will enable greater transparency, vastly lower the cost of trading, and significantly speedup settlement.

Coin Sale Details:

Pre-sale Date - 14th July to 14th Aug 2018

Public sale Date - 15th Aug to 15th Oct


"Careonchain" ICO Details

● ICO Start: August 15, 2018
● ICO Finish: October 31, 2018
● Symbol: REO
● Platform: Blockchain
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