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ICO "Agora"

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"Agora" ICO Description

In this world of online marketplaces we are living in, the need for a fair online marketplace has never been this high. There is no power balance between the consumer and the merchant. Scams are rampant, getting money back is always hard, and as a seller as soon you make a transaction with a consumer, you cannot be sure he will not try to make a false claim. We want to be part of a more sustainable economy. This is why after a long period of brainstorming, documenting and researching we are proud to present you Agora. Agora is what we believe to be a step toward a fairer world. Some companies tried to resolve this issue by creating trust labels. But all only few companies are indeed trustworthy. What if these companies fail in their duty to check data ? The issue of trust is just moved to another supposedly "more trustworthy" actor, but is still not resolved. So, the real questions behind a marketplace are : How can I trust an unknown seller ? How can I make a transaction with them ? How can the seller trust me if I say I didn't receive the package ? These questions are legitimate, and we tried our best to provide an answer.  

"Agora" ICO Details

● ICO Start: August 4, 2017
● ICO Finish: October 15, 2017
● Symbol: AGO
● Platform: Ethereum

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