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How to Edit Community Profile on ICOLINK.COM

When you have registered the Community Account on ICOLINK.COM, it is easy to edit the basic information, avatar and cover page...

​Login to your account using the "LOGIN" button on the TOP

  After entering the user login and password, click "LOGIN' and you will be redirected to the Community Front Page. 

 - Mousover the menu "Profile" and click "Edit Profile"

 - When Logged-in, you can use the "USER MENU" on the TOP LEFT to visit Profile Page

​To edit Community Account basic information, navigate Account TAB. Here you can change the LOGIN, USERNAME, E-MAIL and PASSWORD

 If you need to change the Profile AVATAR, click "Change Avatar" in the TOP LEFT corner. Upload the Avatar image from the PC or make a photo, if you use mobile. 

 After uploading, the Avatar will be changed. RELOAD the Page, if you do not see the changes!

 To Edit the Community Profile COVER IMAGE, Click Profile menu and after Click the settings button on the TOP RIGHT of the COVER IMAGE. Select "Modify Cover"

 Upload the image from PC. RELOAD the page if you do not see the changes!

 You can remove this image using the menu "Remove Profile Cover Photo"


How to create an Account

Being a Member of ICOLINK.COM Community you will have rights for FREE ICO Submission, creating groups and events, adding videos and comments, vouting and discussing...

How to Submit the ICO on ICOLINK.COM ICO LIST

For the FREE ICO Submission you have to be a Member of ICOLINK.COM Community. Just fill the Submission Form...